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If you have questions or would like to place a telephone order, please contact us:


Business - Customer Service
Wendie Martin; President, Business Development
wmartin@enthusiastmediagroup.com; (206) 427-1652

April Sanders; Customer Service Representative Printing and Branded Merchandise
asanders@enthusiatmediagroup.com; (503) 839-8566

Sales - Marketing
Patty Littleton; Vice President; Sales and Marketing  
plittleton@enthusiastmediagroup.com; (253) 394-1554

Lisa White; Event Advertising and Branding Specialist
lwhite@enthusiastmediagroup.com; (503) 810-9989

Kay Ellsworth; Account Executive
kellsworth@enthusiastmediagroup.com; (360) 829-2900

Sandi Green: Account Executive
sgreen@enthusiastmediagroup.com; (971) 258-7025





How To Become Part of the Team!


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Welcome to Enthusiast Media Group, a 17 year old branded merchandise company looking for 5 exclusive affiliate owners to be part of our team.  Work from your phone and earn $100,000 or more with focus, motivation, and talent! At Enthusiast Media Group, we thrive on supporting success and creativity.  If you are a graphic designer, business owner, professional, or a new graduate with a marketing degree, we can help you build your own business selling 24 hrs through our proven program.


We are a top branded merchandise company looking for top affiliate reps spanning the West Coast! Do you like marketing? Coming up with innovative ideas to help a company’s brand? Do you like to design and create? If the answer is yes, you are the perfect candidate!

You’ll have the opportunity to cast a wide net for infinite possibilities in the fun and creative industry that is branded merchandise.  There are so many ways to be successful that is why our owners do not fail.  You will utilize a network of relationships to help support your friends, family and businesses in your local area. Your focus on everything from business, schools, restaurants, events, venues, sport teams and more!

You will  have a full team of support helping you with all the training necessities. Your laptop and cell phone is all you need to get started. We will install and train you with all software needed for your success.

What You’ll Need

Sales and customer service experience

A drive to be successful and a feeling that you are a leader in your community

A positive attitude that never gives up

And finally, a drive to make money based on your own talent

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to take on a stimulating and creative role please contact us today! Please also take our assessment test.  You will be notified within 48 hours! We look forward to bringing our team together to build your business.


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